Risk matrix

Risk matrix for the red and orange light of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

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Red/green streams

Maintaining green and red streams regardless of Traffic Light Level.

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Patient management

Patient management under the traffic light system.

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Latest expert opinions

Forewarned is forearmed

20 Jan 2022

I would be quite happy to see the back of COVID-19. The fatigue, burnout, and frustration I am seeing within the general practice workforce, and indeed felt by all of us, is unrelenting.

The booster Pfizer vaccine dose

18 Nov 2021

Dr Mark Thomas, Associate Professor in Infectious Diseases, University of Auckland, discusses the booster Pfixer vaccine dose.

Immunisation against COVID-19 will soon be compulsory

5 Nov 2021

Now that New Zealand has all but abandoned the elimination strategy for COVID-19, kiwis can either choose to be voluntarily immunised by the Pfizer vaccine or compulsorily immunised by delta.

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