General Practice Education Programme (GPEP)

Page last updated 15 October 2020

Is the General Practice Education Programme still running?

All teaching is being done in-person using physical distancing. Learners can access remotely using technology if required.

We are currently:

  • In practice teaching will be face-to-face with practical physical distancing as required. 
  • DISQ requirements will be waived until GPEP2 for those who have not completed this requirement. 
  • In Practice Visits can be done via hybrid (remote and in-person options)
Please email us at or if you have any queries. 

What support is available for GPEP year 1 registrars?

GPEP year 1 registrars with questions or who are in need of assistance are encouraged to contact the College via: 

The College has extended its EAP Services to all registrars. These are uncertain times and talking to someone and getting the support you need is very important. Their number is 0800 327 669.

Can I still do my Fellowship assessment?

These will be depenedant on the current alert levels. If you have any questions please email us at