MCNZ Guidance Statement - COVID-19 vaccine and your professional responsibility 

The College upholds the view of the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) that vaccination is a crucial part of the New Zealand public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic. GPs can help to protect themselves, their patients and the wider community by getting their COVID-19 vaccination.

The MCNZ and the Dental Council Guidance Statement on COVID-19 outlines your professional responsibility as a doctor in relation to COVID-19. 
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Foundation Standard certified practices safe to deliver COVID-19 vaccine

The College has verified that Foundation Standard certified practices can deliver a safe, equitable and high quality COVID-19 vaccination service. We have also advocated that practices, who already hold RNZCGP Foundation Standard certification meet the requirements to vaccinate at the COVID-19 level. 
The College verified this by recently completing a mapping exercise between our current Foundation Standard and the New Zealand COVID-19 Vaccine immunisation Service Standards (NZCVIS Standard). The exercise demonstrated equivalency of the Foundation Standard to the NZCVIS Standard, except for areas directly related to COVID-19 vaccination administration, management, and storage.
The 20 DHBs’ Senior Responsible Officers for the COVID-19 programme have agreed that 145 of the essential criteria are covered by the Foundation Standard. Generally, practices that hold current Foundation Standard certification will only be required to provide evidence to the 15 remaining essential criteria that do not align with the Foundation Standard to provide the COVID-19 vaccination.