Practice layout and waiting room

Reviewed 22 January 2022

It is likely that one of the impacts of COVID-19 will be the changes in practice design and ventilation. However, many of these will be long-term solutions,

In the short term, all practices should try to maximise ventilation and consider HEPA filters along with strict room and equipment cleaning protocols. Waiting rooms need to be looked at in terms of social distancing and have toys and magazines removed.

Red/orange traffic light level

  • Red stream: All red stream patients should be physically separated from other patients. This can be achieved by either separate waiting areas or by keeping these patients out of the surgery until they are ready to be seen (this may be moderated if the patient has no car, or they are a “walk in”).

  • Green stream: These patients can be accommodated in a waiting room but with at least a 1 – 1.5 metre social distancing