Risk assessment matrix levels 1-4

Updated 23 August 2021

The risk assessment matrix is an adaptation of one developed by occupational health physicians from the National Framework for the assessment of staff at work.

In this adaptation, the first two columns are designed to allow primary care clinicians to assess their own and their colleagues’ risk within the clinical setting. The subsequent columns are designed to assist clinicians when advising patients not working in clinical settings who are concerned about their safety in the work environment.

The assessment of risk needs to be considered in light of the potential for complications from a severe respiratory illness for specific disease states or medication regimes. While the level of risk to a particular individual relative to another remains constant, the absolute risk to that individual varies according to the prevalence of COVID-19 within the community.

When using the risk assessment matrix, it's important to realise that a number of people will have more than one comorbidity. It is up to our clinical judgement to assess that additional risk. In addition, it may be necessary to consider others in an individual’s bubble and the risk that infection with COVID-19 would present to them.