PPE guidance

What is the current guidance around fit testing of N95 masks?

Updated 3 March 2021

On 3 March 2021, the PHO Clinical Leaders Forum said "we have been working hard to procure fit test kits, establish a training programme and get testing happening as soon as possible for primary care, Auckland being the priority."

They also provided the below update.

The current position: 

  • Each Auckland PHO is in the process of identifying trainers. They will be attending their initial training session online this Thursday. 
  • They will then (COVID permitting) be attending in-person training next Tuesday with 3M. After this they will be in a position to visit practices and conduct the fit tests. 
  • We are hoping to train 24 people and we are hoping that after the training they will be comfortable training others in Auckland.
  • We are limited by the availability of fit test kits – only 11 available which we have procured. The rest are on hold for customs. 

Procurement and logistics:

  • There are more kits due in the country at the end of March, we have asked for these to be put on hold/asked to repurchase these for primary care. 
  • We have asked MoH for and spare availability of kits to be diverted to primary care.
  • The kits are $405 + GST but if only ‘sweet’ kits are available there is a need to also purchase the ‘bitter’ solution separately $60 + GST.
  • Each kit supports 100-150 tests.
  • 3M is not charging for the training, but those trained will not be ‘accredited’ assessors unless they continue with accreditation themselves. We have asked the MoH to accept this approach – the training is the same. 
  • MoH has been asked to release a number of N95s to each practice to hold as ‘just in case’ until their testing is done. 

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Reviewed 21 January 2021

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