Mandatory vaccinations

Published 1 December 2021

The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 requires all health and disability workers who face a high risk of exposure to COVID-19 to be vaccinated. This includes: 

  • health practitioners
  • workers who work near health practitioners providing services to members of the public (for example, reception and administration staff in general practice, shop assistants in community pharmacies)
  • workers employed or engaged by certified providers, which includes workers at a facility providing hospital care, rest home care, residential disability care or fertility services (for example, anyone working in a hospital setting such as laundry staff, orderly, administration staff, or rest home staff like kitchen and cleaning staff)
  • care and support workers who are employed or engaged to carry out work that includes going to the home or place of resident of another person (including those living in the home or place of residence of a family member) to provide care and support services funded by the Ministry of Health, a DHB or ACC.

Source: Ministry of Health 

Read the full list of professions regulated under the HPCA Act 2003.  

Unvaccinated health workers 
The Public Health Response (Required Testing and Vaccinations) Amendment Order 2021 states that health practitioners who conduct consultations with patients only by remote means (for example, online or by telephone) are not required to be vaccinated. This only applies to the Order and employers may still require this. 

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