Telehealth resources

Social media platforms GPs could use for remote consultations 

Most consumer social media messaging apps including, but not limited to, FaceTime, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger should not be used unless there is no practical alternative. Zoom is becoming increasingly popular, however there are risks to be aware of; please read this advice. 

NZ Telehealth Resource Centre

The NZ Telehealth Resource Centre can provide information on working remotely. They have also produced this factsheet on how you can reduce in-person consultations.

Use video for consultations 

A lot of people are still not using video when doing telehealth and it’s important to make the switch because it’s a much better service. Eyeballing the patient’s issue will tell you so much and often save them coming in for a consult. is recommended by Dr Janine Bycroft of Health Navigator as a great video consult tool.

Stay in touch with your GP colleagues via Health Forum NZ - a secure platform

Communication between health providers, across specialties and around the country will be critical to optimising our response to COVID-19. New Zealand leaders in clinical informatics and intensive care have worked collaboratively to create Health Forum NZ, a platform that enables communication between groups and individuals, by specialty or by region, by problem or by solution. Health Forum NZ utilises a powerful open source, secure discussion platform, and it includes a separate 'stream' for GPs. How to join: Health professionals can join by visiting the website ( ) using the code connectedup.   


Read BJGP life for information on video consultations in general practice.

New Zealand Medical Council

College resources