GPEP Written Exam - Northland Region

GPEP Written Exam - Northland Region
Written Exam 7 December 2017 - Northland Region

The GPEP written exams are held in 11 locations throughout New Zealand.  You will need to select one location only from the 11 regional options.   

 You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements.  

 Exam Entry Requirements

All Candidates for the GPEP exams must meet the following requirements

  • Hold a current MCNZ practicing certificate
  • Be a current member of the College
  • Have completed at least 40 weeks full time equivalent (FTE) of the GPEP clinical time requirements, as well as all formative programme activities by 19 November 2017 OR  have been accepted on the Prior Specialist Training Pathway to Fellowship

The College holds the right to refuse exam entry at any time if the above is not met by the applicant. 

Examination Fees 

2017 Written Examination Fee $1,500 + GST


For all College-employed registrars the examination fee is included in your GPEP programme. You are not required to pay anything.  

For all Practice employed registrars and Self-employed registrars you are required to arrange payment for the above examination fee. The College will invoice you directly after we have received your application. 

The College may withhold exam results if the applicant has any outstanding fees or monies owing to the College.

GPEP Clinical and Written Examinations Rules

All exam applicants are bound by the RNZCGP GPEP Clinical and Written Examination Rules 2015.  By registering for this event you acknowledge that you have read and understand these rules.    A copy of these rules can be found on Learning Zone.  You will be notified if there are any changes to these rules between time of application and the date of the exam.  

If you have any questions about any of the above please either contact your Programme Advisor or email .  

Exam Terms and Conditions

By Registering for this event I declare that:

  1. I am the person who is applying for the General Practice Education Programme clinical and written examinations with the Royal College of General Practitioners,
  2. I give permission that the College may request confidential reports on my hospital service, vocational training and general practice experience,
  3. I understand that summarised results of my written and clinical examinations will be forwarded to medical educators, teachers, fellowship assessors, censors and clinical leaders,
  4. I authorise the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners to disclose information about me (within the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993) to another agency(ies), if the College believes on reasonable grounds that the disclosure is necessary e.g. MCNZ, employers, other Medical Colleges, NZ Immigration Services, etc.),
  5. I expressly accept that by registering for this event, that if my performance raises concerns about my fitness or competence, the College and/or its officers have the right to notify those concerns to the Medical Council New Zealand,
  6. I give permission for my name to be published nationally and at Faculty level.

7/12/2017 8:30 a.m. - 7/12/2017 5:30 p.m.
NorthAble 40 John St WHANGAREI 0110 NEW ZEALAND

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