November is Diabetes Action Month 

22 November 2022


By Liz Dutton, Diabetes New Zealand

“Diabetes Matters now more than ever. New Zealand’s rates of diabetes are amongst the highest in the world, with numbers set to dramatically rise. But, if we act now, it’s not too late to help our diabetes whānau live well and change the trajectory of diabetes prevalence,” says Heather Verry, CEO of Diabetes New Zealand.

Running from 1 – 30 November, the theme for Diabetes Action Month 2022 is Diabetes Matters. More than 270,000 Kiwis have diabetes. A number projected to rise by 2040 to between 390,000 and 430,000.

These are numbers that matter. Not just to people living with diabetes but everyone, including the many New Zealanders at risk of diabetes, our healthcare system and all the people who provide vital support including friends and family.

This Diabetes Action Month, Diabetes NZ is working to take action and raise awareness of why diabetes matters, to help turn the tide on Type 2 Diabetes rates in our country.

For our diabetes whānau, prevention matters to avoid more serious diabetes-related complications like amputations and blindness. Nutrition matters to help manage blood glucose levels. Movement matters to make you feel better physically and mentally. Language matters to ensure communication with our diabetes whānau is clear and accurate, respectful, and free from judgement and bias.

“This Diabetes Action Month, it’s time to show New Zealand and our diabetes community that diabetes does matter. And that together, we can help people live well so they have more time to focus on what else matters in life like friends, family, work, and hobbies,” says Verry.

There will be a number of Diabetes NZ initiatives taking place during November including the launch of the new Diabetes Matters podcast, Facebook Live sessions, local branch events across the country and the return of Sneaker Friday. Diabetes NZ is also looking forward to introducing Aotearoa to some well-known #changemakers in the fight against diabetes, including College Medical Director Dr Bryan Betty.

Language Matters – new Diabetes NZ podcast

Diabetes NZ is excited to be launching their new podcast Diabetes Matters this November. Hosted by Monique Bradley, the podcast will cover a range of important diabetes matters and feature some amazing guests. The podcast series kicks off with an episode on Language Matters, which will focus on the power of words and how the language we use can make our diabetes whānau feel valued, understood, and supported, or misunderstood, excluded, and stigmatised. Check out for more information.

Nutrition Matters – be a #Changemaker
We're thrilled to have the support of well-known Kiwis and inspiring people in our diabetes community this Diabetes Action Month. This year’s #changemakers will be encouraging people living with diabetes to make lifestyle changes in November, because Diabetes Matters. To learn more, visit