Accreditation and reaccreditation

Certification of Foundation Standard and accreditation of Cornerstone modules is valid for three years. 

Maintaining accreditation

To renew certification or accreditation of a quality programme, a practice must complete a ‘refresher’ before their current expiry date. Foundation Standard and each Cornerstone module has its own refresher.

A refresher does not require practices to complete the entire Foundation Standard or Cornerstone module(s) again. A practice will submit a completed refresher to the College, affirming and articulating how they have maintained (or improved) their performance since originally completing and achieving accreditation of the Foundation Standard or Cornerstone module(s). 

The College will review the refresher assessment and determine reaccreditation. If approved, the practice will then receive another three years of accreditation.

If a practice does not submit a completed refresher by their accreditation expiry date, the practice’s accreditation will lapse, the practice will then need to complete the Foundation Standard or Cornerstone module anew.

Tier status review - Cornerstone

Annually, the College will review each practice’s Cornerstone modules to confirm their current tier status (i.e. Bronze, Silver or Gold). 

Practices will receive new certificates when they achieve a new tier status (i.e. Bronze, Silver or Gold).

This review date will occur a year after the practice last achieved a tier status (e.g. if a practice achieved Silver tier status on 2 March 2020, the College will review this status again on 2 March 2021). 

Please note, a practice will receive a new certificate and any other relevant materials upon reaching a new tier status. A practice that allows their Cornerstone module(s) to expire, causing the practice to drop a tier status, will receive updated materials soon after their tier status review date.