Take a peek at the day in the life of a GP

Find out what it's like to be a GP

The College has compiled a number of GP profiles to illustrate the life of a GP. These GPs are leaders in their communities, forming strong relationships with their patients and living life to the full.

Steve Finnigan - Tall tales in Taranaki

Like most GPs with a few decades of practice behind them, Dr Steve Finnigan has many a tale to tell. For this 59-year-old practice owner, two that immediately spring to mind took place within a few kilometres of each other, in the small Taranaki settlement of Tarata.


Margaret Goodey - Born into the profession and now passing it on

Dr Margaret Goodey had her first experience in the medical world as a mere pre-schooler. Her father would take Margaret to his clinic to give her mum some time to have a cup of tea and put her feet up. Margaret now practices as a GP in Auckland and is a keen medical educator in Auckland.


Olivia Currie – New Fellow, wife, mum and foodie

Dr Olivia Currie was easily swayed into the GP world when working as a trainee intern in Te Puia Springs. Olivia and her GP supervisor had taken a drive out to the beautiful Tokomaru Bay for a morning clinic. Her supervisor had suggested a chat over lunch about general practice as a career.


Rawiri Keenan – Pou Whirinaki, Fellow, medical advisor and family man

Dr Rawiri is based in the Waikato where he practices every week once or twice, is Pou Whirinaki for the College and works as a medical advisor for Midlands PHO. Rawiri has been keen on general practice since his early days growing up in Taumarunui.


Alice Tait-Jamieson – Self-proclaimed GP “geek”, super-mum and netballer

We start Alice’s interview with the well warranted but also clichéd question – ‘Why did you decide to become a GP?’ Her answer was nothing short of honest and down-to-earth, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Dr Tait-Jamieson.