As a rural hospital doctor, you will be challenged to work across a wide range of clinical presentations and focus on secondary care; a Swiss army knife of medicine. 

What are rural hospitals?

  • Hospitals that are easily accessible for patients in small towns
  • Oriented in responsive secondary care
  • Contain doctors with a wide knowledge base
  • Fewer resources and greater communication with other hospitals
  • Care for cultural and sociologically diverse range of patients

Living outside the hustle and bustle of city life will open the door to some of New Zealand’s most beautiful outdoors.

The Division of Rural Hospital Medicine training programme

The Division of Rural Hospital Medicine grew as a new branch in 2008 to tackle growing vocational issues within small rural hospitals.

The Division of Rural Hospital Medicine (the Division) provides doctors with an accredited training programme to become a Fellows of Rural Hospital Medicine.  

This career path builds on general practitioner skills and requires a broad body of generalist knowledge and specific skills.

Explore the Division training programme
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Rural Hospital Medicine Curriculum

Representing rural hospital doctors, the College:

  • Defines professional standards
  • Offers an accredited training programme to attain Fellowship of Rural Hospital Medicine
  • Provides lifetime education and collegial support (CPD)
  • Shares future Rural Hospital Medicine research.
You can contact the Division by email or phone: 04 496 5999.