On the final sprint to Fellowship, your knowledge and experience will be challenged as you work increasingly independently

Programme structure

Planning your programme 

As you embark on GPEP years 2 and 3, it will be your responsibility to find an employer at an appropriate practice and negotiate the terms of your employment. 

Medical educators and Te Ara (Learning Management System) will help guide you through your learning and assessment stages.

Clinical experience 

During this part of the programme you will continue to refine your skills, knowledge and clinical practice with a large emphasis on reflection. Colleague multi-source feedback, clinical audit activities, and patient surveys serve to fill gaps in your knowledge. At this stage you will work a minimum of four-tenths (approximately 16 clinical hours per week), and will maintain a mentoring relationship with a Fellow of the College. 

Summative activities 

You are required to complete an academic component. This is either a a 15-credit postgraduate paper from an approved provider, a research project completed as part of an approved research component, a te reo course delivered by an approved provider that is a minimum of 15 credits OR a postgraduate certificate, diploma or higher qualification which was completed prior to enrolling in GPEP. 

Fellowship Assessment

You must have successfully completed the following before being considered for a Fellowship assessment visit: 

  • All formative and clinical experience requirements 
  • The written and clinical examinations with a passing grade 
  • The academic component. 
Registrars who successfully complete a Fellowship Assessment visit will be awarded Fellowship of The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (FRNZCGP).

Programme costs

The annual fee for GPEP years 2 and 3 is $2,500 plus GST. At the completion of GPEP year 1 you will also begin paying membership fees to the College, which can be paid by monthly direct debit. These will be invoiced separately from your GPEP year 2 and 3 fees. 

On successful completion of all the programme requirements in GPEP years 2 and 3 and, once you have scheduled in your Fellowship Assessment visit, there will be a Fellowship assessment fee of $2,100 plus GST. If you have already arranged monthly direct debit fees, all your outstanding fees (excluding College membership) will have to be paid up in full.

Find out more information about the training fees and membership fees.