2023 Board Election - nominations open

The College is now accepting nominations for the role of:

  • College Board Member (one vacancy) for a term of three years.

If you’re a Fellow of the College, have expertise in or a strong understanding of best practice governance, financial literacy and data and technology, and wish to contribute your time, skills and experience in a way that benefits the wider College membership, then read on.


The eligibility criteria for these roles can be found in the College rules. There are requirements that those putting themselves forward for nomination are a Fellow of the College and have paid their annual dues and levies.

The role of the College Board – best practice governance

Governance means thinking about strategic issues, and following the principles of best practice governance helps the College to:

  • Lead the development of purpose and strategy
  • Have a defined vision for the future 
  • Take a big picture view of the College separate from the College operations
  • Ensure accountability and effective oversight of operations 
  • Focus on risk management
  • Ensure effective regulatory compliance

College directors are required to understand and support the principles of best practice governance, as defined by the NZ Institute of Directors (IOD).  Directors are required to undertake at a minimum, an IOD introductory course, and will be supported to do this if they have not previously undertaken IOD training.

Directors have ethical, legal, and commercial duties that include to: 

  • act in good faith
  • have a duty of care
  • use your powers for good
  • follow the Charities Act and the College constitution and rules.

Attributes and experience

The College Board regularly considers the depth and breadth of its skills and experience to provide effective governance in support of delivering the College’s Statement of Strategic Intent (Te Rautaki). 

With this in mind, nominees would ideally have some or all of the following:

  • strong understanding of the inequities in health outcomes impacting communities in Aotearoa
  • governance level experience in information technology, data analytics, or cyber security and privacy awareness
  • Strong financial literacy, and financial risk management experience

College Director - Elected

Here’s what you need to know about the role of elected College Director:

  • The elected Director is a Trustee of the College and has a strong working relationship with the President and other College Board members.
  • Elected directors have a term of three years with the opportunity to run for a second term. 

Board meetings and honorariums

The College Board meets eight times a year, usually these are held in person (virtual when this is not possible) at the College office in Wellington. Occasionally there may be a special (virtual) meeting held if a particular matter needs attention before the next scheduled meeting. Board members prepare for meetings by reading the material provided electronically in support of the agenda. The President and elected Directors also serve on at least one other Board committee.  Currently committees include Audit and Risk; Remuneration; National Advisory Council; and Academic Tahuhu. 

An Honorarium is payable. For elected Board members this is $30,000. 

How to nominate

Members who wish to be considered for this role are required to complete this nomination form, that includes submitting a photograph and candidate bio. Nominations close at 10.00pm on Monday 6 March 2023. Please send any questions to the College at elections@rnzcgp.org.nz

How to vote

The College Rules stats who may hold office in the College and who may vote (Rule 11) and the election process (Rule 21.7).

Voting, which is done under the single transferable vote system (STV), will begin on Monday, 20 March 2022 and will be done electronically.

Prior to the election period, eligible voters will receive:

  • a list of all candidates
  • information about each candidate
  • information on how to vote.



The College and the Board are encouraging all interested members to submit a nomination and look forward to receiving your application.

If you have any queries about the election, candidate eligibility, voter eligibility or the voting system, please email elections@rnzcgp.org.nz