Quality programme - pilot update

10 September 2019

Assessor workshop 

The Quality team hosted an assessor workshop at the College last week where valuable feedback was captured. Key themes included:

  •  Assessors want feedback from their colleagues, the College, and from the practices they assess 
  • The need to create a consistent approach across assessors, from the onsite assessment experience to report writing
  • The need for better pre-assessment preparation including a review of the evidence in QA2QI before a CORNERSTONE® onsite assessment is confirmed
  • The need for better support and communication between the College, the assessor, and the practice

Presentation of the new quality modules - survey 

Thank you to those of you who completed our survey on the presentation of the new quality modules. 
We were keen to understand how different groups used the current Aiming for Excellence document. Key points raised were:

  • Integrating the new quality modules into QA2QI (the current Quality platform) was a desirable option
  • Universal use of Aiming for Excellence exists, whether in hard copy or the online version
  • The Aiming for Excellence document is mainly being used as guidance, either in conjunction as a practice progresses through indicators in QA2QI or as a source for links to templates and outside resources
  • Many who responded would like the content to be clearer and more succinct
  • Foundation Standard module Pilot – three weeks to go! 

Foundation Standard module Pilot – three weeks to go! 

A gentle reminder that with three weeks to go until the end of the pilot, practices completing the Foundation Standard module should be getting ready for their onsite assessment. 
The Quality team will be in contact with these practices to get the assessment booked in. 

More information and contact 

See our project webpage for an overview of the project, FAQs and links to previous updates.
If you have any questions about the project or the pilot, please email standards@rnzcgp.org.nz