Indicators 24 and 32 of the 2016 Aiming for Excellence Standard

About this webinar

Barbara Moore, Clinical Advisory Pharmacist, Te Awakairangi Health Network, for a webinar looked at indicators 24 and 32 of the Aiming for Excellence (2016) standard – prescribing is accurate and appropriate and the practice reconciles medicines. The webinar aligns with indicator 25 in the 2011–2014 standard.

This is our third webinar aimed at providing more support and guidance from the College to our members and staff in practices. This support is aimed at your practice either becoming CORNERSTONE® accredited or maintaining your accreditation. In our webinar series, you’ll be able to hear from and speak to experts from the comfort of your own practice

Topics covered

  • Key components of a repeat prescribing policy
  • Levels of responsibility for team members generating repeat prescriptions
  • What are the responsibilities of patients in the process
  • A definition of ‘medicine reconciliation’
  • Why we need to reconcile medicines and when it should be done
  • The levels of reconciliation and the steps in the reconciliation process
  • What an audit might include and what assessors might look for
  • Some of the resources available to support development of these policies

You can read the indicators in full in the Aiming for Excellence standard. 


Read Indicator 24 in full in the
Aiming for Excellence Standard (2016)
View the presentation slides 

View the presentation slides

Read Indicator 32 in full in the
Aiming for Excellence Standard (2016)


Barbara Moore is a clinical advisory pharmacist and pharmacy team leader at Te Awakairangi Health Network, in the Hutt Valley. She spends 3 days a week in general practice, working with GPs to optimise medication use and reduce polypharmacy in the elderly.

Barbara also develops assessment material for pharmacy interns and is an evaluator at the Pharmacy Council’s assessment centre. She was previously professional standards advisor at the Pharmacy Council.