Consultation on proposed recertification changes extended

College news
15 Feb 2017

The College has received many responses to the consultation on the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ)’s proposal on recertification. To give College members more time to have their say on this important matter, we are extending the consultation period by another week. If you haven’t already provided us with your thoughts, you can do so by completing our consultation questionnaire before Friday, 24 February 2017.

We thank those who have already provided feedback. We will be collating this feedback and incorporating it into a College submission on behalf of all members.  We will keep you updated on the outcome of this consultation and the proposed changes. If you miss our deadline, you can provide your feedback directly to the Council before 10 March 2017. 

Background to the change

Doctors are one of the most trusted groups of professionals in New Zealand.  To maintain this position, MCNZ is keen to ensure doctors’ recertification programmes are robust and effective.  Not only does this help assure the public that a doctor is competent and fit to practise, but it improves standards of practice. In 2015 MCNZ introduced a new vision and set of principles for recertification.  These principles recommend continuing professional development (CPD) activities that are:
Formative in nature
Informed by relevant data 
Based in the doctor’s actual work and workplace setting
Informed by public input and referenced to the Code of Consumers’ Rights
Supported by employers. 

MCNZ’s vision for the future of CPD:
Recertification should ensure that each doctor is supported by education that reflects their individual learning needs and is delivered by effective, efficient mechanisms that support continuing improvement in performance. 

While MCNZ sets standards and accredits recertification programme providers, medical colleges like ours, must ensure members complete recertification programme.  We also determine the details of members’ medical practice audits and peer reviews.

Summary of proposed changes

MCNZ proposes that in order to achieve recertification, vocationally registered doctors will be required to: 
1. Participate in an accredited recertification programme based on the following: 
(a) Performance and outcome data.  At a minimum, using data from:
- Yearly audit of medical practice
- Multisource feedback (ie feedback from colleagues and patients using standard questionnaires)
- A review undertaken by peers external to the doctor’s usual practice setting.
(b) Identification of individual professional development needs.
(c) Career management planning (including withdrawal from clinical work for older doctors)

2. An individualised Professional Development Plan (PDP) targeted to identified professional development needs using performance and outcome data. Doctors will be expected to review their own PDP each year.

3. Completion of CPD activities to address the PDP.

What do you think of these changes?  Tell us what you think and contribute to this consultation.