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30 November 2016

On 30 November the College hosted an event, attended by the Minister of Health Dr Jonathan Coleman and primary health care representatives, to share the results of its 2016 Workforce Survey and acknowledge the work done by its 4,500 GPs.

At the event College President Dr Tim Malloy said he was concerned the number of GPs in practice was not keeping pace with the demands of a growing, ageing population.

He noted the increasing pressures faced by GPs, the ageing GP workforce and the urgent need for more doctors to join the profession. Of particular concern he highlighted that two-thirds of practice owners and partners intend to retire within the next decade.

Key findings of Work and Wellbeing report

  • Nearly half of all GPs work part time (less than 36 hours per week).
  • Only 36% of GPs feel they have enough time in the day to complete all their daily tasks.
  • More than one fifth (22%) of GPs feel burnt-out.

Read the Work and Wellbeing report (PDF)

Key findings of Ownership and Employment report

  • More than one-third (38%) of GPs are currently an owner or a partner in a general practice.
  • Nearly two thirds (61%) of practice owners and partners intend to retire in the next 10 years.
  • Many (58%) young GPs state that they are either planning or likely to buy into a practice.

Read the Ownership and Employment report (PDF)

New resources

The College has developed and released several resources to help support its members during these busy, challenging times.  This includes a new Practice Ownership Guide, a Self-Care Guide, and a Greening General Practice Guide which looks at environmental sustainability. Login to access the new resources

New campaign

At the event the College President also unveiled a new campaign: GP – Heart of the community designed to help raise awareness of the issues facing the sector, garner support for existing and future GPs, and get more funding to train more GPs. The campaign includes a range of tools members and practices can use when communicating with their patients and community members.

Visit the campaign page

Health Minister Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman receives copies of resources for GPs from College President Dr Tim Malloy

Campaign banners with copies of resources for GPs and the latest workforce survey results on display

College President Dr Tim Malloy talking about the new 'GP - Heart of the community' campaign
Minister Coleman being interviewed by journalists

Resources for member-GPs on display