CORNERSTONE® Review Update

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9 October 2018

Thank you all for your insightful and valuable comments during the consultation so far. 

This week’s consultation asks you to read the early draft of the simplified Foundation Standard and CORNERSTONE® indicators and criteria and then provide your comments.

We also have a series of poll questions for you to participate in. The polls will close 11.59pm Friday 19 October 2018.

About the review

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1) Foundation

The current Foundation Standard has 85 criteria grouped into 31 indicators. This early draft has been simplified into 33 criteria grouped under 12 indicators. 

The format is different too. Instead of a single list of 'may include' evidence, evidence is now explicitly classified. It would be mandatory for practices to provide something that is on the ‘must’ list, and it would be optional for practices to provide something on the ‘could’ list. 

With this in mind, let us know your thoughts on the format and the requirements. 

Read the draft and give feedback

2) CORNERSTONE® Clinical Continuous Quality Improvement module

The team has also created an early draft of the CORNERSTONE® Clinical CQI module.

It is proposed that this module would be compulsory for every practice wanting to be CORNERSTONE® accredited. We would also like your feedback on this draft module. 

Let us know what you think below.

Read the draft and give feedback

3) General feedback

We’d also like to hear your thoughts on the proposed quality programme generally. Download a Word document of the draft, then fill out this brief five question survey to share your feedback. Alternatively, you can email

Tell us what you think

Mihi and acknowledgements
Thanks to our colleagues from practices and PHOs with expertise in developing and assessment of quality systems, and also Dr Lorraine Brooking of Te Akoranga a Māui for her invaluable guidance during our discussions about Māori health and health equity.