The health and wellbeing of young people is at the heart of a collaboration between the College, the Ministry of Health and the Society of Youth Health Professionals Aotearoa New Zealand (SYHPANZ).

Through a signed statement of collaboration the three parties will work together to jointly improve the responsiveness of primary healthcare to those aged 10 to 24. 

The College, Ministry and SYHPANZ have identified five focus areas for joint effort in youth health:
Improving access to appropriate services for young people under 25.
Resources and information for GPs.
General practice education, training and continuing professional development.
Quality standards.
Quality improvement research. 

Projects requiring structured collaboration will be determined on a case by case basis. In progressing shared priorities all parties have agreed to:
Take a strengths-based, positive youth development approach.
Support equity of health outcomes for all young people in New Zealand. 
Support evidence-based approaches, research, monitoring and evaluation of impacts on outcomes.

The parties have committed to: 
Quarterly meetings to work towards shared priorities and bring opportunities, challenges, issues or concerns to the table for discussion.
Progressing shared priorities and projects between meetings.
Sharing of relevant learnings, information, research and policy advice.
Each party identifying a designated coordinator to support quarterly meetings, progressing shared priorities and sharing information.

Photo: From left, the College's Strategic Policy Manager Michael Thorn signs the collaboration statement along with Stuart Powell from the Ministry of Health and SYHPANZ Chair Lee-Ann O'Brien.