Rural Hospital | Oamaru

10/02/2020 | ID: 002833

Waitaki District Health Services Ltd (Oamaru Hospital) would like to offer Medical Officer and SMO posts to doctors (inclusive of DRHM trainees, GPs or emergency doctors) , and are also happy to provide flexible contracts from one month and upwards for anyone interested in experiencing rural hospital medicine.

We have completed negotiations with ASMS and have a new collective contract to 2021.

Our need are doctors interested in progressing the changes implemented, providing care to a culturally diverse and economically deprived population (73% of our community earn < $50,000 per annum) and assist with Education and Policy/Guideline development.

We have a 24/7 Emergency department and a 20 bed inpatient ward and have a Rural GP ACC contract to assist with those in our community, unable to access primary care. 24 hour lab, Xray and CT services, air retrieval to Dunedin via ICU (25 min flight).


Name: Pragati Gautama
Phone: 0223655742
Website: {#Contactwebsite}




Full-time vacancy