Categories of Membership

Fellow (FRNZCGP)

Fellowship of the College is attained by completing the two-stage General Practice Education Programme, passing GPEP Clinical and Written Examinations, and the Fellowship Assessment and producing a certificate of good standing from the Medical Council of NZ (MCNZ).  Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, who gained this qualification by passing the RACGP assessment in Australia, may apply for FRNZCGP by reciprocity. Fellows of good standing have full voting rights and the privilege of the floor at general meetings, and may hold office. Fellows are entitled to use the designation FRNZCGP.

If you have any queries regarding your own circumstances, please call us on +64 4 496 5999.


The College awards Membership after successful completion of GPEP Clinical and Written Examinations at the end of General Practice Education Programme Year 1 (or other such examination as the College considers equivalent) and be involved in the General Practice Education Programme, provided that no person may hold membership as a Member for longer than five years while in such training. Members of good standing have full voting rights.

Associate in Training

RNZCGP Associates in Training are New Zealand-registered doctors who are involved in a programme of postgraduate training that the College recognises as appropriate to qualify the applicant as a Fellow. Associates in Training may take part on College affairs, but have no voting rights.

Associate in Practice

RNZCGP Associates in Practice are New Zealand-registered doctors who are engaged in general practice or rural hospital medicine or other aligned scope of practice. They must comply with all Medical Council of New Zealand requirements for aspects of their practice that are not within the scope of New Zealand general practice. Associates in Practice may take part in College affairs, but have no voting rights.