Faculties & Chapters

Geographical Faculties

College Faculties are based on geographical areas are centred round Auckland, Waikato, Hawke's bay, Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough, Canterbury, Otago and Southland and allow members to be involved in discussion and decision-making at a regional level. There are also seven sub-faculties which provide local opportunities for connection and collaboration. All College members are automatically assigned to a regional faculty and will receive information about faculty activities directly.


The College currently has four chapters based on major national areas of practice:

  • The ‘Rural Hospital Generalists’ Chapter’ is made up of College members who are involved in the provision of services within the scope of rural hospital medicine. All Division of Rural Hospital Medicine New Zealand (DRHMNZ) members are automatically assigned to this chapter. 
  • The ‘Rural General Practitioners’ Chapter’ is made up of College members who are involved in the provision of services within the scope of general practice in rural communities. Membership of this chapter is optional.
  • Te Akoranga a Maui is the Colllege's Maori chapter and is made up of members who identify as Maori and have Maori whakapapa. Membership of this chapter is optional. 
  • The ‘Associates and Members in Training Chapter’ is made up of doctors who are enrolled in the College’s vocational training programmes. Membership of this chapter is optional.
  • Te Akoranga a Maui is made up of College members who self-identify as Maori and have a Maori whakapapa. Membership is optional.
  • The 'Pacific Chapter' is made up of College members who self-identify as Pasifika, serve communities with large Pacific populations, or have an interest in Pacific health issues. Membership to the Pacific Chapter is optional.

Your Faculty/Chapter Representatives

Faculties Sub-Faculties
Te Akoranga a Maui (updated 8/10/2015)
Chairperson:  Dr Kiriana Bird
Secretary:  Dr Lily Fraser
National Advisory Council (NAC) representatives:
Dr Sarah Sciascia, Dr Tane Taylor
Rural General Practitioners' Chapter (updated 8/10/2015)
Chairperson: Dr George Tripe
Honorary Treasurer and Secretary: David Wilson
NAC representative: Dr Jo Scott-Jones
Pacific Chapter (updated 8/10/2015)
Chairperson: Apisalome Talemaitoga 
NAC representative: Maryann Heather
Division of Rural Hospital Medicine Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)
Council Chairperson: Dr Stephen Main
Board of Studies Chairperson: Dr James Reid
NAC representative: Dr Stephen Main
Northland Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)
Chairperson: Dr Kyle Eggleton
Honorary Treasurer and Secretary: Dr Tanya Quin
NAC representative: Dr Chris Reid
Auckland Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)

Chairperson: Dr Chandrakkanth Jayaraman
Treasurer: Dr Mushfiq Ahmad
Secretary: Audrey Cassidy
NAC representative: Dr Chandrakkanth Jayaraman

Waikato Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)
Chairperson: Dr Lydia Sulima
Secretary: Dr Ralph Wiles
NAC representative: Dr Bronwyn Campbell
Tairawhiti Sub-Faculty
Chairperson: Dr Johan Peters
Secretary: Dr Peter Catt
Hawkes Bay Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)
Chairperson: Dr Penny Henley
Secretary: Dr Mark Peterson
NAC representative: Dr David Rodgers
Wellington Faculty (updated 13/11/2015)
Treasurer: Dr Tim Marsland
Secretary: Caitlin Plummer & Dr Andrea Crichton
NAC representative: Dr Susanna Kent
Taranaki Sub-Faculty
Whanganui Sub-Faculty
Chairperson: Dr John Kay
Secretary: Dr Alastair Wilson
Manawatu Sub-Faculty
Chairperson: Dr Martin Minnee
Secretary: Dr John Drake

Nelson/Marlborough Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)

Chairperson: Dr Liz Scott
Treasurer: Dr Pip Harrison
Secretary: Dr Hilary Burbidge
NAC representative: Dr Liz Scott

Canterbury Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)
Acting Chairperson:Dr Jason Pryke
Secretary: Josie Toop
NAC representative: Dr Jason Pryke
Otago Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)
Chairperson: Dr Nigel Thompson
Secretary: Dr Jill McIlraith
Treasurer: Dr Phil White
NAC representative: Dr Phil White
Southland Faculty (updated 8/10/2015)
Chairperson: Steven Voss
Secretary: Steve Brown
Treasurer: Roger Baillie