Become a member of the College

Find out here how you can benefit from becoming a member of the College and how you can easily apply online.

Why become a member of the College?

The College is your leader in education and quality from the start of your general practice career.

The College has over 4,000 members, representing over 90 percent of New Zealand GPs. We have a strong mandate to speak and act on behalf of the profession. Everything we do is aimed at strengthening and supporting you in your practice.

As a College member you will receive free and discounted services to support you in your professional role.

Apply online

Apply online to become a member or to re-join the College. You need to include information around your qualifications and general practice experience. You will need to upload a copy of your Certificate of Good Standing.

Online application form

Do you have any questions about becoming a member?

If you would like to speak to someone about becoming a member, please contact the College. You can phone us on +64 4 496 5999 or email your query to