June 2009

Journal of Primary Health Care

Volume 01, No.2 June 2010 JPHC index ISSN 1172-6156 (Online)

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JPHC June 2009

JPHC June 2009

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


From the Editor

A look at the workforce, the common cold and a handy insert on drug interactions:  Something for everyone
Felicity Goodyear-Smith

Guest Editorials

Primary care workforce planning:  What's happened to the 'Logan' report?
Sue Pullon, Eileen McKinlay

Primary mental health care:  Service delivery and the impact on the workforce
Helen Rodenburg, Tony Dowell, Kathy James

Position statement:  Primary health care nursing
Nicolette Sheridan, Mary Finlayson, Mark Jones

Trends for primary health care nurses
Jenny Carryer

Community physiotherapy workforce issues
Janet Copeland

The workforce shortage disadvantages those in greatest need
Ben Gray

Original Scientific Papers

Quantitative Research

Doctors and romance:  Not only of interest ot Mills and Boon readers
Paul Callister, Juthika Badkar, Robert Didham

General Practice in urban and rural New Zealand:  Results of the 2007 RNZCGP membership survey
Madhukar Mel Pande

Do scores in the selection process for vocational general practice training predict scores in vocational examinations?
Steven Lillis

The provision of mental health care by primary health organisations in the northern region:  Barriers and enablers
Anthony O'Brien, Fiona Moir, Katey Thom

Qualitative Research

The Pacific primary health care workforce in New Zealand:  What are the needs?
Luisa Ape-Esera, Vili Nosa, Felicity Goodyear-Smith

Systematic Reviews

Is intranasal zinc effective and safe for the common cold? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Hubert D'Cruze, Bruce Arroll, Time Kenealy


Tyneside to New Zealand
Ben Hudson

View from the edge
Emma Storr

A type of lady's corset? Support for older people
Ruth Allen, Janine Wiles

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Back to Back

The nurse practitioner provides a substantive opportunity for task substitution in primary care
Yes Mary Jane Gilmer and Mark Smith; No Des Gorman

Continuing Professional Development

String of PEARLS about upper respiratory tract infections

Pounamu:  A recommendation from suspected cancer in primary care:  Guidance for referral and reducing disparities fromt he NZ Guideline Group
Jim Vause

POEMS:  Patient Orientated Evidence that Matters

Charms & Harms:  Echinacea
Joanne Barnes

Cochrane Corner:  Grommets effective for recurrent acute otitis media
Bruce Arroll

Practical Pointers:  Learning to 'see' in the clinician-patient relationship
Stephen Buetow, Tim Kenealy

Practical Pointers:  Clinically important drug-drug interactions and how to manage them*
Linda Bryant, Tana Fishman
* Includes insert


In search of true autonomy

Book Reviews

General Practice:  Clinical cases uncovered - Emma Storr, Gail Nicholl, Alison Lea, Martha Leigh and Sheena McMain
Reviewer:  Tana Fishman

Cardiovascular risk management - Edite by R Hobbs and B Arroll
Reviewed:  Gary Sinclair

Australia and New Zealand community as partner:  Theory and practice in nursing - Karen Francis, Karen Hoare, Ysanne Chapman and Jane Mills
Reviewer:  Lisa Whitehead

Gems of NZ Primary Health Care Research

Gems of NZ Primary Health Care Reseach

About the Journal of Primary Health Care

About the Journal of Primary Health Care