March 2009

Journal of Primary Health Care

Volume 01, No.1 March 2009 JPHC index ISSN 1172-6156 (Online)

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JPHC March 2009

JPHC March 2009

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


From the Editor

Simple, fresh, tasty and local
Felicity Goodyear-Smith

Guest Editorials

A primary care-led medical education system?
Peter Crampton

Using psychoactive medication to intervene in children's behaviour:  An evidence-based practice?
Barry Parsonson

Original Scientific Papers

Quantitative Research

Cardiovascular risk assessment and management in mental health clients:  Perceptions of mental health and general practitioners in New Zealand
Amanda Wheeler, Jeff Harrison, Zara Homes

Prevalence of acne and its impact on the quality of life in school-aged adolescents in Malaysia
Arshad Hanisah, Khairani Omar, Shamsul Azhar Shah

Prevalence of depression among Maori patients in Auckland general practice
Bruce Arroll, Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Nqaire Kerse et al

Mixed Method Research

Understanding and use of antibiotics amongst Samoan people in New Zealand
Pauline Norris, Marianna Churchward, Fuafiva Fa'alau et al

Systematic Reviews

Summary of an evidence-based guideline on soft tissue injuries and related disorders-Part 1:  Assessment
Gillian Robb, Bruce Arroll, Duncal Reid et al

Summary of an evidence-based guideline on soft tissue injuries and related disorders-Part 2:  Management
Gillian Robb, Bruce Arroll, Duncal Reid et al

Improving Performance

A patient-centred referral pathway for mild to moderate lifestyle and mental health problems:  Does this model work in practice?
Jill Calveley, Angela Verhoeven, David Hopcroft

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Back to Back

GPs should prescribe more benzodiazepines for the elderly
Yes Bruce Arroll, No Ngaire Kerse

Continuing Professional Development

POEMS:  Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters

String of PEARLS

Cochrane Corner:  Benzodiazepines may hasten improvement in major depression for up to six weeks
Bruce Arroll

Pounamu:  Bridging two worlds in the interview process - the psychiatric assessment and Maori in Primary care
Pamela Ara Bennett

Charms & Harms:  St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)
Joanne Barnes

Resource Summary:  Destination:  Recovery Te Unga Ki Uta:  Te Oranga; Future responses to mental distress and loss of well-being - discussion paper from the Mental Health Advocacy Coalition
Helen Rodenburg

Practical Pointers:  Effective communication strategies to enhance patient self-care
Fiona Moir, Renske van den Brink, Richard Fox et al


Sub-threshold mental health syndromes:  Finding an alternative to the medication of unhappiness
Fiona Mathieson, Sunny Collings, Anthony Dowell

Mind over matter - implications for general practice
Andrew Corin


Uncertainty, fear and whistling happy tunes
Katherine Wallis

Book Reviews

The Baby Business:  What's happened to maternity care in New Zealand
Reviewers:  William Fergusson and Joan Carll

The New Zealand Pregnancy Book:  A guide to pregnancy, birth and a baby's first three months, 3rd ed - Sue Pullon & Cheryl Benn
Reviewers:  Jon Wilcox and Helen Ride

Ideological Debates in Family Medicine - Stephen Buetow and Tim Kenealy
Reviewers:  Marjan Kljadovic

Intergrating mental health into primary care:  A global perspective

Gems of NZ Primary Health Care Research

Gems of NZ Primary Health Care Research