September 2009

Journal of Primary Health Care

Volume 01, No.3 September 2009 JPHC index ISSN 1172-6156 (Online)

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JPHC September 2009

JPHC September 2009

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


From the Editor 

Modern epidemics and gifts for humanity
Felicity Good-year Smith

Guest Editorial

Methamphetamine-what primary care practitioners need to know
Brian R McAvoy

Original Scientific Papers

Quantitative Research

Are there disparities in care in people with diabetes?  A review of care provided in general practice
Ross Lawrenson, Veronique Gibbons, Grace Joshy, Peter Choi

Use of aspirin and statins for cardiovascular risk reduction in New Zealand:  The residential care story
Jae Bon Hoem, Ngaire Kerse, Shane Scahill, Simon Moyes, Charlotte Chen, Kathy Peri, Carmel Hughes

Mixed Method Research 

What makes Care Plus effective in a provincial Primary Health Organsiation?  Perceptionsof primary care workers
Kylie Eggleton, Tim Kenealy

Perspectives of general practitioners towards evaluation and treatment of cardiovascular diseases among older people
Michael Weiner, Susan Wells, Ngaire Kerse

Qualitative Research

Barriers to accessing specialist care for older people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in rural New Zealand
Michelle Hopley, Margaret Horsburgh, Kathy Peri

The reality of subclinical hypothyroidism in general practice
Veronique Gibbons, Steven Lillis, John Conaglen, Ross Lawrenson

Why don't patients with diagnosed diabetes attend a free 'Get Checked' annual review?
Tesa Porter, Cleam Le Lievre, Ross Lawrenson

Improving Performance

Cardiovascular risk assessment:  Audit findings from a nurse clinic - a quality improvement initiiative
Sarah Waldron, Margaret Horsburgh

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Back to Back

A polypill is the solution to the pharmacological management of cardiovascular risk
yes C Raina Elley; No Les Toop

Continuing Professional Development

String of PEARLS about smoking cessation

Cochrane Corner:  Should we treat patients with subclinical hypothyroidism?
Veronique Gibbons

Charms & Harms:  Devil's Claw Harpagophytum procumbens
Joanne Barnes

Cochrane Corner: Combined inhalers are more effective than beta-agonist alone for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but with some potential harms
Bruce Arroll

Pounamu:  Non-financial barriers to primary health care services for Maori
Peter Jansen


Fresh eyes for chronic care management
Anna Poutu Fay


Making people be healthy
Timothy Martin Wilkinson

Book Reviews

The Palliative Care Handbook
Reviewer:  Anne Denton and Bruce Foggo

Hauora Maori Standards of Health IV
Reviewer:  Lance O'Sullivan

Gems of NZ Primary Health Care Research

Gems of NZ Primary Health Care Research

About the Journal of Primary Health Care

About the Journal of Primary Health Care