Is there any support?

The College provides a folder of resources to a practice on registration.

The CORNERSTONE team at the College can provide advice and support by phone or email. This includes but is not limited to:

  • how to register with the programme
  • how to access the software including the use of the attachment facility
  • how to interpret the criteria
  • where to access additional assistance
  • how to book an assessment
  • how to manage the post assessment dialogue with the assessors.

View a full list of CORNERSTONE® Resources here.

Organisations allied to CORNERSTONE



Health & Disability Auditing New Zealand Limited (HDANZ) provide oversight of the CORNERSTONE General Practice Accreditation Programme and independent verification of the practice assessment reports. HDANZ is a Designated Audit Agency and accredited as an independent certifying body. They recommend practices to the College for final accreditation.

Geethal Data Systems Limited

The software application that is used by the College to automate the CORNERSTONE Programme was developed by Geethal’s Data Systems Ltd (GDSL).

The system is designed with capabilities to host both practice and assessor data.

It also has assessment scheduling and task management capabilities. This allows users to plan actions against any area that requires attention to meet the standards or for continued quality improvement.

The web servers that hold the assessment data are held in a high security data centre. The system itself also has a high security protocol for data protection and user authentication.



The College has worked with the Medical Assurance Society (MAS) to develop resources that assist practices in meeting the non-clinical indicators required to obtain CORNERSTONE Accreditation. These have been developed with legal and accounting assistance.

Practices must subscribe to HealthyPractice® through MAS to receive the full benefits. The subscription is based on the number of fulltime doctors in the practice and discounted if the practice insurance is held by MAS.

To help practices fully evaluate the service we can provide temporary access to the website together with an over the phone tutorial tour of that generally takes around 20-30 minutes.  The practice can call the HealthyPractice® team on 0800 800 627 during business hours to arrange a suitable tutorial time.

Contact the MAS HealthyPractice® team directly on 0800 800 627.