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As a leader in primary health care, the College is often approached by government and health organisations for its views on current standard, regulation, policy and legislation changes.

Your feedback, in any form, is essential in helping us develop our submissions to government bodies and health organisations.

Occasionally the College will not respond to consultations that are outside our area of expertise. However, even if the College is not responding on your behalf, we do encourage you to provide your feedback directly to the organisation.  
If you would like to subscribe to consultation topics about your areas of special interest, please register with the professional interest groups in the 'my details' page in the dashboard. 

Current College consultations

No current consultations

PHARMAC consultations

PHARMAC regularly conducts consultations on their processes and funding decisions. See the list of PHARMAC consultations

The New Zealand government agency PHARMAC makes decisions about which vaccines, community and cancer medicines District Health Boards’ (DHBs) fund.

Medicines Classification Committee consultation

The Medicines Classification Committee (MCC) has just released its agenda for its next meeting, on 16 May 2017.  At this meeting it will be considering a number of applications to reclassify medicines, and some of these might be of interest to GPs:

•             Sildenafil – an application has been made to lower the age limit, to allow pharmacists to supply sildenafil to men aged over 25.  This application also includes a proposed change to packaging.
•             Codeine - Medsafe has made an application which would see more restrictions on the supply of codeine.  
•             Sedating antihistamines - Medsafe has made an application to restrict the use of sedating antihistamines by making this prescription-only for non-allergic uses in children under 6.   
•             Omeprazone (and other PPIs) – an application has been made for this to be available as pharmacy-only (currently pharmacist-only) for small quantities.

More information about these proposals can be found on the Medsafe website.  The deadline for feedback is 10 April 2017, and responses should be sent to