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As a leader in primary health care, the College is often approached by government and health organisations for its views on current standard, regulation, policy and legislation changes.

Your feedback, in any form, is essential in helping us develop our submissions to government bodies and health organisations.

Occasionally the College will not respond to consultations that are outside our area of expertise. However, even if the College is not responding on your behalf, we do encourage you to provide your feedback directly to the organisation.  
If you would like to subscribe to consultation topics about your areas of special interest, please register with the professional interest groups in the 'my details' page in the dashboard. 

Current College consultations

Voluntary Bonding Scheme Reviews

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) requests feedback annually on whether changes need to be made to the lists of specialties and locations covered by its voluntary bonding scheme (VBS). This year it is also undertaking a review of the scheme itself. 

Direct Feedback to Health Workforce New Zealand 

Feedback on the reviews can be provided directly to Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) by completing an electronic survey. Please email if you experience any difficulties providing feedback via the survey or prefer to provide your feedback via email. 

The survey is profession/scope specific. Please use the web link below to comment on the first profession you would like to comment on (e.g.: general practice): 
If you also wish to comment on another health profession (e.g. nurses, rural hospital doctors, etc.) please use one of the links below. Please use a separate link for each profession you would like to comment on.

Second profession - 

Third profession -

Feedback to the College
In addition to providing your feedback directly to HWNZ via the survey you also have the option of providing the College with your views and suggestions, which will inform our submission to HWNZ. More information is provided below.

1. Annual consultation on specialties and locations covered by the Voluntary Bonding Scheme in 2018

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) seeks feedback annually on the terms and conditions for the Voluntary Bonding Scheme (VBS), and is currently requesting feedback on the terms and conditions for 2018. These will apply to the doctors in the GP training (GPEP) intake starting December 2017.  

General Practice and Rural Hospital Medicine are both currently included in the list of hard-to-staff specialties.  The current hard-to-staff training locations for GP trainees are:
South Canterbury  DHB
Southern DHB excluding Dunedin, Mosgiel and Invercargill
Wairarapa DHB  
Hawkes Bay DHB                              
Tairawhiti DHB              
Taranaki  DHB                    
Lakes DHB
Wanganui DHB                                  
Midcentral  DHB
West Coast DHB
BOP DHB  (excluding Tauranga and Whakatane urban)
Waikato DHB (excluding Hamilton and Cambridge)
Canterbury (excluding Christchurch other than Banks Peninsula)
Northland (excluding Whangarei  urban)

Your feedback supporting the continued inclusion of these locations or the addition or removal of locations from this list would be appreciated. Such feedback might include information on how long it has taken to fill vacancies in your region, the proportion of local practices with closed books, how difficult it is for patients to get appointments, the ratio of GPs per head of population, high use of locums or international medical graduates, and projected workforce demand. 

The College will be providing feedback to HWNZ and you can email your comment to inform this feedback to by July 19 2017. 

Further information on the VBS can be found at

2. Review of the Voluntary Bonding Scheme

HWNZ has commenced a review of the Voluntary Bonding Scheme which is now in its 9th year. You can find information on the review at

Stage one of the review has already been completed. The College will be meeting with HWNZ as part of stage two of the review.  We would appreciate hearing your general comments regarding the scheme and in particular any suggestions for improvement. This will inform both our discussions with HWNZ and our submission on the review of the scheme.

Feedback can be emailed to by July 19 2017.



Other consultations

The College does not intend to make submissions on these consultations, however individual GPs may wish to respond.

PHARMAC consultations

PHARMAC regularly conducts consultations on their processes and funding decisions. See the list of PHARMAC consultations

The New Zealand government agency PHARMAC makes decisions about which vaccines, community and cancer medicines District Health Boards’ (DHBs) fund.