Continuous Quality Improvement assessor criteria

The Cornerstone Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module was developed to encourage practices to become Cornerstone accredited, and to engage in cycles of positive change and reflective practice.

Through the CQI module, practices can demonstrate their work toward improving healthcare outcomes for their enrolled and geographic populations, by participating in a structured quality improvement project.

This module will be assessed via an online submission of the project by the practice.  

Core competencies:

  • Recent experience in primary health care general practice, PHO or similar health care environment
  • Involvement in quality improvement initiatives in primary care. May include data analysis, PDSA cycles, implementation of the quality initiative and evaluative techniques.

Desirable criteria:

  • Experience in assessment against standards
  • Quality in healthcare: Practical skills training course 
  • HQSC New Zealand: Primary care quality improvement facilitator course
  • NZ cultural competence/Equity and bias training (or proven proficiency)
  • Other assessment qualifications such as US4098

In addition to your CV, please upload a Word document with your responses to the following points:

  • Describe a CQI initiative you have initiated or implemented and the resultant outcomes of that initiative
  • Do you believe there is inequity within the New Zealand healthcare system?
  • Discuss ways in which continuous quality improvement may contribute to positive health outcomes in New Zealand?