Cornerstone Equity assessor criteria

The Cornerstone Equity module builds on the equity work undertaken in the Foundation Standard.

Indicators place an emphasis upon a practice’s commitment to pro-equity leadership, practice teams, and workforce development, embedding equity in day to day processes.

The module also focuses on health equity outcomes for Māori as tangata whenua under Te Tiriti o Waitangi and provides an overall inclusive and culturally safe environment and experience.

Equity assessor core competencies:

  • Recent experience in primary health care general practice, PHO or similar health care environment 
  • Proven ability to apply cultural competence, cultural safety, and health equity frameworks in the Aotearoa NZ health setting
  • Skilled in Te Reo Maori vocabulary and pronunciation

Desirable criteria:

  • Experience in a Kaupapa Māori practice and or health setting
  • Experience in assessment against standards
  • NZ cultural competence/Equity and bias training (or proven proficiency)
  • Other cultural competence or assessment qualifications such as US4098

In addition to your CV, please upload a Word document with your responses to the following points:

  • Describe an equity initiative you have initiated or implemented and the resultant outcomes of that initiative.
  • Do you believe there is inequity within the New Zealand healthcare system?
  • In reference to the Code of Rights, identify which of the rights relate to equity
  • Describe any additional preparations or provisions, if any, you would make when visiting a Kaupapa Māori practice for an onsite assessment.