Structure and requirements

Requirements of the CQI module

Your final CQI report will need to show:

  • Elements of the New Zealand Triple Aim
  • Inequities identified 
  • A structured approach (for example, at least one complete Plan-Do -Study-Act (PDSA) cycle and a plan for the second that outlines the improvements for the next cycle)
  • The use of tools such as charts, maps and diagrams
  • Collaboration of the practice team from the start to finish, including engaging with patients, whānau/family and any other organisations involved in the process
  • Findings that can be shared with the practice team and wider stakeholders
  • An initiative that can potentially be scaled up
  • measured health outcomes (or supported by research if a process initiative)
  • Data/evidence of sufficient quality
  • Submission of a final report, see the below structure of the final report

The completed CQI project

The practice will submit a CQI project which includes:

  • Triple Aim elements
  • The problem/issue and how it was identified
  • The equity aspects within the project
  • Methodology- at least one QI cycle
  • Quality improvement tools used (maps, charts or diagrams)  
  • Key metrics (using qualitative or quantitative data) 
  • Participants involved
  • Outcomes 
  • Lessons learned