How to use the Foundation Standard

The Foundation Standard comprises of:

  • Seventeen indicators: Each indicator features criteria that define specific requirements that must be met to satisfy the indicator. The right-hand column lists specific evidence required. Where we use the wording ‘the practice’, we are referring to the general practice team. The Foundation Standard guidance has been provided and includes links to resources and tools as well as clarifying notes for each indicator.
  • Assessment: Assessors will be looking for the stated evidence when evaluating a practice’s submission. Practice teams may upload supporting material in addition to the evidence stated.
  • Medical equipment and emergency medicines register appendix: The medical equipment appendix details the medical equipment, resources and medicines required for all practices.
  • Clinical Record Review: The Clinical Record Review is divided into two parts: the first can be completed by non-clinical staff, and the second part must be completed by clinicians (GPs and nurses).
To maintain the integrity and quality of the Foundation Standard and Cornerstone modules we are providing an online version of these documents on our Quality microsite, not a printable PDF version. Practices can print the pages directly from the website. Practices using their Smartsheet web browser can download a copy of their Smartsheet assessment containing all required indicators and criteria or print the content as required.


Foundation Standard help

If you have any queries about the Foundation Standard, or another Quality related question, please email