Manaaki Haumanu | Clinical Care

Indicator 5: Continuity of care

Criteria Standard Evidence
5.1 The practice effectively manages internal and external clinical correspondence. 
  • A documented policy and procedure covering how to manage and track: 
    - laboratory results 
    - imaging reports
    - significant investigations
    - clinical correspondence
    - urgent referrals.
 5.2 The practice uses an effective referral system to other primary or secondary care providers (an electronic referral system where available).
  • A description of how the referral system functions between primary and secondary care.
 5.3 The practice has a process for the safe and effective transfer of clinical responsibility when transferring patients to clinicians within the practice (e.g. to and from a locum) or to providers and services outside the practice (handover).
  • A description of the process for the transfer of clinical responsibility.
 5.4 The practice ensures patients with end-of-life care needs can always access their primary care provider or another informed clinician.
  • A description of how the practice plans and delivers end-of-life care access.

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