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Indicator 2: Patient Information

Criteria Standard Evidence
2.1 The practice understands and implements the Privacy Act 1993 and Health Information Privacy Code 1994.
  • Completed staff training records.
2.2 The practice follows the Privacy Commissioner’s guidance on privacy.
  • A privacy policy and procedure
2.3 The practice securely manages information within an electronic management system. 
  • A documented health information security policy and/or procedure.
    • A documented records transfer policy, procedure and tracking system: 
      • include timeframes for records transfer in and out of the practice.
 2.4  The practice registers and/or enrols patients consistent with current Ministry of Health guidelines.
  •  A patient enrolment form including a privacy statement.
 2.5  The practice ensures newly enrolled patients records are reviewed by a clinician. 
  • A documented policy and procedure on the handling of newly received patients records.
 2.6 The practice provides patients with information about how the practice will inform them of their test results.
  • Verbally and/or in writing e.g. leaflet, brochure, poster, or by notice on the patient portal or practice website.

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