Benefits of the new Quality framework

After extensive consultation with practices, PHOs, patients and other stakeholders, the College has created a Quality framework that: 

  • Allows a practice to customise their quality assurance and improvement journey
  • Provides a practical and achievable pathway for practices to incorporate equity into their organisation, with the aim to reduce health inequities.
  • Aligns with the New Zealand Triple Aim framework (improved quality, safety and experience of care; improved health and equity for all populations; and best value for public health system resource).
  • Is future-proofed, sustainable and adaptable to the healthcare sector's trends and goals 
  • Ensures safer care and a better experience for patients.
  • Enables a practice to commit to ongoing quality improvements.
  • Enhances teamwork within the practice.
  • Enhances clinical processes within the practice. 

Equity within the Quality Framework

The College is committed to improving health equity outcomes for patients, family/whanau, including Māori as tangata whenua. The commitment to equity is a main tenet of the College's Te Rautaki (Statement of Strategic Intent), and is underpinned by obligations of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. 

Pursuing equitable outcome is a journey of progressive improvements. Beginning with the Foundation Standard and progressing on to Cornerstone modules, the College's Quality framework helps practices incorporate equity into general practice