Māori clinical and pastoral support 

Pou Whirinaki

The Pou Whirinaki provides clinical and pastoral support to all the Māori GP registrars in our specialist training programme, the General Practice Education Programme. 

Te Akoranga a Māui

Te Akoranga a Māui is the College’s Māori representative group. All College members who self-identity as Māori and have Māori whakapapa automatically belong to the group.
With more than 200 members, Te Akoranga a Māui is proud to be the first indigenous representative group established in any Australian or New Zealand medical college.
The name of Te Akoranga a Māui holds special significance for its members and for the College. Māui refers to Sir Māui Pōmare, the first Māori doctor to graduate from any medical school, and Akoranga means teaching, learning and education. Tā Māui Pōmare was one of the early Māori leaders, educated in the 1890’s, who went on to assume positions of leadership both in the Māori and Pākehā worlds.

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If you would like to get in contact with Te Akoranga a Māui, please email communications@rnzcgp.org.nz

Māori Health Strategy

The College's five-year strategy was launched in March 2017. This strategy builds upon the 2012 strategy with a focus on achieving health equity for Māori.

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