In accordance with the Rules of the College, nominations are now open for the position of College Member (one vacancy) for a term of three years. Dr Jo Scott-Jones’ first three-year term will be completed at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting on 27 July 2019. He has indicated that he will not be seeking re-election. Nominations close at 10pm, Friday 15 March 2019.

Download the nomination form.

A copy of the College Rules, stating who may hold office in the College and who may vote (Rule 11) and the election process (Rule 21.7) is available on the College website on the Governance and management webpage.

Voting, which is done under the single transferable vote system (STV), will begin on 29 March 2019 and will be done electronically. Prior to the election period, the College will provide eligible voters with:

a list of all candidates;
voting instructions, including how votes may be cast; and
information about each candidate for each post.


20 February: call for nominations for one Board member.
15 March: last day for the receipt of nominations. 
29 March: voting opens.
23 April: voting period closes.
26 April: announcement of the election of the Board member.
27 July: elected Board member takes office at the end of the AGM.

If you have any queries about the election, candidate eligibility, voter eligibility or the voting system, please contact the College at