Excuses will slow down the vaccine rollout says GP College

20 October 2021

The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners is urging people to keep building on the high levels of vaccinations seen during last weekend’s ‘Super Saturday’ vaxathon events to protect themselves and their communities against COVID-19.

The College is concerned to hear some New Zealanders are delaying their COVID-19 vaccination because they are "waiting for a safer or more effective vaccine".

College President Dr Samantha Murton (pictured right) says, "Hearing the reasons for delaying vaccination can be frustrating, especially as we continue to see rising positive case numbers in this Delta outbreak.

"We all want to return to a new normal, with fewer restrictions, and it is high vaccination rates that will allow us to do so."

This frustration is echoed by the College’s Medical Director Dr Bryan Betty.

"The Pfizer vaccine has been administered to millions of people around the world and is one of the most tracked vaccines in history, and there is enough supply to fully vaccinate every eligible New Zealander.

"Recent figures show vaccination makes you 19 times less likely to end up in hospital, 11 times less likely to die, and four times less likely to test positive to COVID-19 in the month immediately after the second dose."

The College supports the recent announcement to have mandatory vaccinations for those working in the health and disability sector, saying it is a bold, but necessary step to keep our communities safe.