New system adds NIS alerts – but also a task for GPs

11 May 2022

The Ministry of Health has let the College know that they’re releasing a new feature to the National Immunisation Solution (NIS) that will notify general practices when their patients get their flu jab somewhere else e.g. at a pharmacy.

How you’ll receive notifications 
The NIS is sending notifications to PMS systems in the same way that the NIR does via Healthlink so you’ll receive notifications in the same inbox that you previously have from the NIR.

There’s a backlog that will create a manual task for you
Notifications for flu vaccinations administered elsewhere will start coming in to you from mid-May. There’s a backlog of 300,000 alerts, which may require manual data entry at some practices to match alerts to records.

The Ministry of Health team will stagger the release of approximately 300,000 flu vaccination notifications by: 
• Sending out the emails in batches – about 1,000 emails on Friday 13 May followed by about 50,000 emails per day, Monday to Friday, until the backlog is cleared.
• Not sending out emails over the weekend to prevent any build up in general practice inboxes on Monday mornings.
• Flu vaccinations administered from 16 May will have notifications sent by the next business day to the enrolled practice of the patient to create a steady flow and allow practices to update their records in a timely manner.

For general queries regarding the flu vaccination notifications contact 
For data quality issues contact the support desk via or your local NIR Admin
For issues with missed notifications or notification related queries contact
For question regarding the wider NIS programme of work contact