Quality framework pricing structure

Practices will pay an annual licensing fee for Foundation Standard and a one-off fee for each Cornerstone module.

Quality programme  full price
Foundation Standard $550 per annum excludes GST 
Cornerstone Equity module $550 one-off excludes GST 
Cornerstone CQI module $550 one-off excludes GST 

The Kōpara practice

The College recognises that small practices serving vulnerable populations need support – we’ve created a new term for these practices, the Kōpara (Bellbird) practice.

“He iti te Kōpara kai te rērere ana i runga i te puhi o te kahika”
Although the Bellbird is small, it flies to the crown of the white pine.

Kōpara practices have the following criteria: 

  1. Have a very small enrolled patient population 
  2. Is classified as Rural, as categorised by the College
  3. Is classified as High Needs, as categorised by the College
The College works with the Ministry of Health and the NZ Rural General Practice Network (NZRGPN) to identify practices that meet this definition.   
Please note that a Kōpara practice differs from a standard  practice in fees charged only, and practices previously designated ‘satellite’ practices may now be referred to as ‘standard’ practices by the College. All practices must now undertake the full assessment process, regardless of their status as a Kōpara or standard. 

However, practices previously designated as ‘satellite and main’ will likely experience efficiencies in the assessment process, such as the development and implementations of policies and procedures that can be used across both practices. 
If you think your practice fits this criteria, please submit a detailed request that covers the criteria in the definition and the College will consider your application.

A Kōpara practice is not eligible for a multi-practice discount.
Quality programme  Full price Discount Kōpara price
Foundation Standard $550 per annum 50%  $275 per annum excludes GST 
Cornerstone Equity module $550 one-off 50%  $275 one-off excludes GST 
Cornerstone CQI module $550 one-off 50%  $275 one-off excludes GST 

Multi-practice discount 

The College is also offering a 20% discount on Cornerstone modules for multiple practices.

Purchases for multiple practices must be made in one transaction or all purchased at one time. If the purchase has already been made, the College cannot apply the discount retrospectively.

If you are purchasing Cornerstone modules for multiple practices, please download and complete the multi-practice discount order form.

Once you have filled in the required details email this form to quality@rnzcgp.org.nz

Third party access to Cornerstone modules 

PHOs, corporates or any other third party entities can also request access to the Cornerstone modules 

The fee for access is $200 per annum, per module (excluding GST), and offers the same full module and guidance provided to general practices enrolled in the Cornerstone modules.

To request third party access to any Cornerstone modules please contact quality@rnzcgp.org.nz

Assessment fee

The practice will need to contact an appropriate assessor to begin the assessment process. They will also need to liaise with their preferred assessor with regards to their assessment fee. All assessors set their own rates / fees and the communication is held between the assessor and the practice directly, not through the College.