Teaching assessor criteria


The Cornerstone Teaching module was designed to set the expectations of a teaching practice, and to ensure the effective and safe training of health workforce professionals.

By becoming a teaching practice, a practice is confirming their commitment to ongoing development of a next generation of clinicians – medical doctors, nurses, medical students, nursing students and other allied health professionals who benefit from working in a teaching environment.

Teaching assessor core competencies:

  • Recent experience in primary health care general practice, PHO or similar health care environment
  • Involvement in the delivery and/or assessment of health care training programmes

Desirable criteria:

  • Experience in assessment against standards
  • Medical student mentoring programme
  • Nurse Practitioner mentor system/program
  • Student nurse and Graduate nurse (NETP) mentor programme
  • Other teaching, mentorship or assessment qualification such as US4098

In addition to your CV, please upload a Word document with your responses to the following points:

  • Describe your direct and indirect involvement in teaching /mentoring in primary care.  
  • In your opinion, why should a practice complete the Teaching Module?  
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