Assessor FAQs

Once a practice has met all requirements for Foundation Standard, the process is:

  • Email the practice to congratulate them on achieving Foundation Standard. Advise them the certificate will arrive from the College within three weeks. Also ask the practice to ‘unshare’ their Smartsheet assessment with you.

  • Notify the College and record the practice’s achievement of Foundation Standard
    • Log into the assessor portal on the Quality website
    • Click ‘add a new assessment
    • Complete and submit the form, the College will now be notified

This is a regulated requirement. At the same time, the intention is not to delay Foundation Standard certification so a good compromise between an assessor and the practice is to: 

  1. Ask the practice to complete an exemption request form and email it to 
  2. If approved, ask the practice to upload the form to their assessment and include a comment that the form has been uploaded
  3. Confirm the exemption form in your assessor comment
  4. Complete the assessment and submit the assessment to the College

Resuscitation skills certificates are valid for two years.

New Zealand Resuscitation Council certificates are valid for one year with the intent of the accreditation body or employer making the decision on how often it is to be repeated, so the date of issue is more important than the expiry.  

The health setting will determine the frequency of training (e.g. a rural location, A & E or a critical health setting). The expiry date can be between one and three years. College guidelines require Fellows and registrars to hold a current CPR certificate (not older than three years) in CORE Advanced.