Foundation Standard introduction 

The College’s Quality framework includes the Foundation Standard and Cornerstone modules of Equity and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). Further information on the Cornerstone modules can be found here.

The Foundation Standard:

  • is organised into five standards. Within each standard sits one or more indicator/s and beneath each indicator, one or more criteria. 

  • combines all the legislation, regulations, standards and clinical requirements needed for general practices to deliver safe and quality care. 

  • creates a nationally consistent benchmark of quality assurance that qualifies practices for capitation funding, as per the Primary Health Organisation Service Agreement Amendment Protocol (PSAAP). 

  • paves the way for further quality improvement and equity work in the Cornerstone Bronze tier modules. Completing the modules not only  inspires a higher quality of care, it will also help to align practices with the expectations of the Health and Disability Reform. 

  • The accompanying Foundation Standard Guidance helps practices understand what to do and how to do it. It is both practical and informative with relevant and up-to-date resources for each indicator. Furthermore, the Quality Programme’s dedicated team is available to support practices by phone or email as needed.

How it works

Practices will pay an annual licensing fee for the Foundation Standard and a one-off fee for each Cornerstone module. In recognition of small practices serving vulnerable populations, the College has created a category for Kōpara (Bellbird) practices who, if eligible, will receive discounts. There are also multi-practice discounts available. More information on pricing can be found here.

Once the practice has completed their Foundation Standard self-assessment, their next step is to engage an assessor through the assessor directory. Several PHOs have endorsed Foundation Standard assessors available for conducting assessments. PHOs are also the first contact for practices who wish to seek an extension to their Foundation Standard expiration date.

Once the practice and assessor agree on the assessor’s rates/fees and terms and conditions, a contract can be established. More information on the assessment process can be found here.

To get started on the Foundation Standard, click the practice administration button below.

Practice Administration

Login details have been sent to the primary contact of each practice. If you need assistance, please email

Practices will use Smartsheet, an interactive software platform for completing the Foundation Standard assessment. Smartsheet has a chat function and numerous other handy features. How-to guides and video tutorials for all the essential Smartsheet functions are available here.