Quality programme exemptions 

Practices may apply for an exemption which will be granted for a determined period of time.

Exemption applications may be granted at the College’s discretion for a specified time frame only. Exemptions are intended for requirements which remain outstanding after the Foundation Standard assessment. Some examples include a piece of equipment, training or a fire evacuation scheme.

Evidence must be supplied along with the exemption request to verify the application. For example, for a short term exemption for a Fire Evacuation Scheme, evidence of the Fire Evacuation scheme being received by the Fire Service. Similarly, documentation to verify booking for scheduled training and ordered equipment.

Once the exemption has been granted and subsequently, the practice has completed the outstanding requirement, the evidence is to be uploaded to SmartSheet and also emailed to the Quality programmes Principal Advisor.

To apply for exemption, complete this form and email it to the Quality Programmes Principal Advisor.

If your exemption is accepted, both you and your assessor will be notified by email.