Wellington Faculty members attend a cultural competency event

10 March 2020

On Sunday, 1 March, Wellington Faculty members gathered for a cultural competency education event on Kāpiti Island. 

This successful event featured a presentation on rongoā Māori by local practitioner Sharlene Maoate-Davis (Ngati Toa Rangatira, Ngai Tahu, Ngati Wehiwehi, Ngati Huia, Taranaki tuturu, Te Atiawa).

Following the presentation, attendees explored beautiful Kāpiti Island for a rongoā-mai “walk shop” and learnt about the concepts behind and practice of the traditional Māori body of knowledge and healing systems in Aotearoa.

Around 60 members attended, and the organisers received a unanimously positive response from those who participated. Attendees were introduced to various forms of rongoā and reflected on cultural imperatives for working towards patient whānau ora.

The aim of the event was to provide perspectives on rongoā Māori in a location where the environment is similar to what it was before colonisation.

Attendees learnt how to gain new skills and knowledge, discussed how to develop trust, and explored te reo Māori concepts such as 'rongo' (listening).

Sharlene Maoate-Davis is a trustee of Te Kāhui Rongoā Trust, and the director of local kaupapa Māori consultancy, MokoPuna Solutions.

"My role is to bring forward the knowledge and teachings of the past into today’s world," says Sharlene.

"I ensure our traditions are upheld and protected, but are also made accessible and available to all people who seek them out."

Check out some of the snaps attendees took at the event below!