Hear from GPs

Dr Vanisi Prescott

In 2022 Dr Vanisi Prescott is a GPEP year 3 registrar (she has since become a Fellow). Juggling work and study is a challenge, but she says the General Practice Education Programme has been a great support along the way.

“The programme is very structured, which I really like. In our group we study together and help each other, and we’ve all become good friends.”

Dr Liam Watson

Dr Liam Watson is a GPEP year 1 registrar based in Northland. Working rurally, Liam says he loves the work, people, and has had the privilege of taking on medical issues he wouldn’t deal with in more urban centres. 

“We’re a bit of a one stop shop as we run an acute walk-in clinic, and you never know what is going to come through the door, from chest pains to minor injuries – it keeps me using a variety of skills that would otherwise fall by the wayside."

Dr Lily Fraser 

Dr Lily Fraser is a Fellow of the College and Clinical Director at Turuki Health Care in Mangere, Auckland.

Lily chose to work at Turuki Health Care because she wanted to work with Māori. "I have a passion for supporting our own people to have good health."

Dr Jason Tuhoe

Dr Jason Tuhoe is a Fellow of the College and says the GP life chose him.

“I saw during my training that general practice is about relationships and I couldn’t get that in the same, meaningful way in a hospital."