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Who we are

We are New Zealand’s largest medical college with a membership of 6,000 GPs, rural hospital doctors, and registrars. We advocate for equity, access, and sustainable healthcare and believe fundamentally that regardless of who or where they are, every New Zealander should have access to their own GP.

Work at the College

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What we do

The College is the post-graduate training organisation for doctors wanting to specialise in general practice or rural hospital medicine, or both.

We also set and assess quality standards for general practices, and administer the ongoing professional development programme our members need to complete every year to maintain their practising certificates. Other College functions include funding research, assessment, communication, representation, and advocacy.

The College is governed by a Board, which is supported by subcommittees, representative groups, advisory groups, and the College’s leadership team. These groups include Te Akoranga a Māui and the National Advisory Council. Other committees include education advisory/Division of Rural Hospital Medicine (DHRM) board of studies, DRHM council, Pasifika and rural chapters, and regional Faculties.

We are guided in our work by Te Rautaki: our Statement of Strategic Intent, which outlines our guiding principles and key strategic goals. He Rautaki Māori, our Māori strategy He Ihu Waka, He Ihu Whenua, He Ihu Tangata sits alongside this. This document shows what progress towards the strategy will look like.

Our members need to abide by the College rules and the College Member Code of Conduct.

Dr Christine Coulter checks through the conference programme with a colleague
Dr Christine Coulter checks through the conference programme with a colleague