Training regions

Explore the provincial training regions where you can undertake your GP or rural hospital training journey

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With beaches, vineyards and mountains, there are endless opportunities to explore, experience and excite.

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Known as ‘the winterless North’ for its climate, Northland’s sandy beaches, great fishing and scenic location.

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Gisborne is famous for its beautiful coastline, densely forested mountain parks, surfing, and fishing.

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Southlanders love the gardens, beaches and trails in their backyard, and a short drive to the slopes in the winter.

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West Coast

West Coasters enjoy a rural or semi-rural lifestyle while still enjoying access to a good range of amenities.

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Taranaki combines great outdoor adventure opportunities with an active arts and cultural scene.

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Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty is famed for its lifestyle and climate with outdoor activities being enjoyed year-round.

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Manawatū is famous for its blend of city and rural living

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Dr Melissa-Jane Austen

Specialise as a GP

General Practice Education Programme

Applications for the General Practice Education Programme registrars are typically open between February and April.

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Specialise as a rural hospital doctor

Rural Hospital Medicine Training programme

Applications for the Rural Hospital Medicine Training Programme are typically open between February and April.